This blog is the day by day thoughts, feelings and actions of a man who cheated on his wife and his struggle to try to winning her heart and spirit back. It is a love story. It is real.

My hope is to have someone who might be in a dark place and thinking about straying. It is not worth it. It is worth fighting for the ones you love. You may feel lost, you may feel worthless, you might look to escape the hardships of your life. Turn to those who love you. Show them your weakness and allow them to help you heal, rise and shine. My mistake was believing I was alone when ALL I needed was to reach out to the ones I truly loved and let them help me. I did not and now face the consequences of that. Learn from my mistakes. I have, but it may be at a cost which I should not have had to pay. I know my wife loves me but I have hurt her in a way I cannot ever fully repair. I can only try and do everything in my power to repair enough for her to believe in us again.

Only time will tell if I will be successful.


11 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS BLOG ABOUT?

  1. I wish there was a way to leave you a comment on your posts. I feel for you very much and wish you much luck in making your marriage work.

      1. Wanted to tell you to get back up into that bedroom. My wife cheated on me. Since I found out — and we are committed to rebuilding our marriage — we have a rule that we never sleep apart (no more sleeping on the couch) and we sleep naked every night in each other’s arms. It has helped. My wife used to say we could not have sex because “we just did the other day”. Our average was every 7 to 10 days. Now we have sex at least once a day if not twice and we are constantly holding one another. I still cry every day. We have a long road to go in therapy. But already our marriage is better than ever before. I think mainly because I realized she is a much more sexual being that I thought and we have been together for 25 years. When we were young we were happy and in love but we did not have that history together. So that is why it is much better. Anyways, I can tell you from the other side that it is hard but I know she feels terrible and I know she is doing what she can do to make this better. The best thing (for me) is for her to be transparent, completely compassionate, never lose her temper, and understand that it is going to take a long time for me to get the images of her deception out of my mind. I hope this helps with your situation. I also wish you would write more on your blog.

      2. Thank you. Both my wife and I read this and agree it is hard but worth it. We share many of your points and ideas but each person or couple will deal with this differently. You thoughts are always welcome. I hope your wife is as genuine in her desire to change as I am in mine. My wife saved my life and the lives of our children. She is an amazing woman.

        Thank you.

  2. Yes I am reading a lot of your blog, my husband is sitting beside me as we read this together, there have been tears! If you can explain WHY, I have as long as you need. May all of us find healing & our way back to each other, Joan

    1. My wife is away from me right now at a healing weekend. Out of respect I will not go into the why right now more than to say that I have uncovered as I speak to others, the “why” is as varied as the stars. For me, simply put for now, I was lost, depressed and felt alone. Clearly more too it but depression played a part. All I truly know is I love my wife more then I understood was possible. I understand love more now. I have seen it with my own eyes. Give your husband a hug, if he is like me, he will cherish it and perhaps he has earned it. I strive to earn mine every day.

    2. I told my wife about you two. She was happy my blog helps other people. I hope others read it and sees that through hard work and a true desire to heal our partners, there is hope. I have heard of so many men who are not doing everything they can to fix what they broke. If I had not cheated, my wife would not need my help. It is my duty to her todo what I can to help but understand I cannot fix her. I can ONLY help, understand, listen, work hard and love her. The rest if for her. I love her dearly.

  3. I don’t know if you’re still checking this blog, but I feel for you. One of my commentors recommended your blog to me and I intend to read it all. Thanks for telling your story. I hope it is helpful to me, too.

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