I wish…

I wish

I wish

I wish I could take Erin’s pain away tonight….

She has fallen and I am not there to help.  The irony is she has fallen, in part, because I am not there.  There was a long stretch where her pain was quite and we were smiling, laughing, loving, holding hands.  We smile at each other, travelling can change that quickly and it has.  I have not visited my blog in some time.  Strangely that is a good thing as I more often now I turn to this when I feel alone.  I will be home tomorrow Erin.  I wish I was there now to hold you and help you past this moment towards the next time we can smile together.  

I know you are suffering tonight.  I am 2000 miles away powerless to help.  I sit alone reading your texts filled with anger, pain, anguish and sadness.  I absorb them as if doing so will drain some of your pain even if for a short time.  

I wish I could drain all the pain away but reality is all too evident.  But sometimes wishing and hoping is all you have.  Tonight it is all I have.  

Goodnight Erin. Sleep soon.


3 thoughts on “I wish…

  1. Sometimes when reality looks most bleak, our thoughts tend to knock us back down, stay the course you’re on its the only way to help Erin now. Stay strong, Joan

    1. Thank you for your positive thoughts over the years. It is hard to imaging how much time has gone by and yet on some days it feels all to fresh. We still have our good days and bad but I am happy to say the good far outweigh the bad now. I still work hard to show here what she means to me. She still notices the little things I do which makes it all worth while.

      I wish you well.

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