Monthly Archives: July 2015

Missing here from the next room

Lately she struggle with hate and anger.  She cannot look at me. She tollerates my presence in the house, only communicating with me when she must.  She continues to ge tortured by the past.  

We have good days and bad.  We have found a comfortable level to exist at.  Some days she thanks me for everything i do and somes she make it clear hiw much she hates my assistance.

Had i know i coukd have this aggect on another person, on someone i love.  I would have made better choices.  I am haunted with how i have changed her life.  I look forward to the good days and fear the bad ones.

I love with a strength to endure the hate, waiting for the moments it fades letting her love shine.

Right now i wait.  For Erin to come back.