Monthly Archives: June 2014

Missing her

Away on another business trip, missing her face, her smile, the sound of her voice. Missing her hugs, her sense of humour, her jokes, her hair, her figure, the small ways she shows my she loves me. Missing being near her during the day. Missing being able to make coffees for her. Missing waking up to her, falling asleep with her.

Missing her…


Father’s Day

I am laying alone in my bed. My wife fell earlier today and I have no sign from her she has regained any feeling for me. She is so strong but I have done so much wrong that it is hard to fathom someone can ever truly set aside my crimes.

I live in fear that one time she falls and does not return too me. She has shown me the power of love. I am hopeful that she sees the love I now understand and have. I hope she knows how much I believe in us now. I hope she can come back too me again. I have changed, I am changed.

I miss my wife, the love of my life and my soulmate.